At Maryland Thai Boxing, we keep classes a little smaller to ensure quality of training and lots of personal training time with the Instructors!

All of our programs will offer students an exciting workout, continuous physical and mental challenges, increased cardiovascular conditioning, better flexibility, stress relief, increased confidence, top of the line self-defense, and a lifetime of learning.

Train like you Fight, because you will Fight like you Train!!

We can help you Burn Fat, Lose  Weight, Reduce Stress, Gain more Flexibility and Learn Real World Fighting Skills and Self Defense!! Check out our Introductory Program. Then shoot us an e-mail and we will get you started on the Journey of a Lifetime.

We teach:


All classes are taught in a friendly and family atmosphere. Safety is always a concern in any class. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in every class. No student will ever be required to do anything that they feel is too much for them. Part of our training is learning our strengths and limitations and using them both to most benefit us in our lives.

Knowledge is knowing that consistant training is the key to real improvement… Wisdom is getting to training consistantly.

The key to getting good at any skill is to have consistent training.  Martial Arts are no different.  The hardest part of martial arts training is to consistantly come to class day in and day out.  This is the reason that Maryland Thai Boxing only accepts a few new students each month.  We want to spend most of our time training and motivating the dedicated Martial Artists we have enrolled in our programs.  Not that we don’t welcome new students, we just want to make sure we are giving the highest quality training you can get anywhere.

So, please check out our Intro program.  We know you will love training with us.

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