USA Gymnastics is the governing body for youth gymnastics in the United States and Top Flight Gymnastics Center Boys Team will compete within this organization. There are seven classes in the Junior Olympic Boys Program – Level 4 through Level 10. The gymnast is placed in an age group based on his age on September 1. Level 4 is our first competitive level at Top Flight. All of the subsequent classes are progressively more advanced. Beginning in Level 7 boys may start working on optional skills and compete with optional routines, depending on their age and ability. However, each class has compulsory routines and/or elements that must be mastered first.

Boys Preteam USAG Level 4

Ages: 6-9 years
Prior Team Level: Recreational Classes, Boys Invite
Next Team Level: Boys USAG Level 5

  • Year round program
  • Train towards a competitive level, completes Level 4 when ready
  • 1-3 year program
  • At the end of each year, the gymnast will be evaluated to see if she is ready to move to the competitive levels
  • Determine the limiting factors (physical, mental, and emotional demands of competitive gymnastics)
  • Determine ability to maintain a rigorous training schedule
  • Determine if parents and family can accommodate the demands of competitive gymnastics from a financial, emotional, and time commitment standpoint including CMGO responsibilities (see CMGO Handbook)

Boys USAG Level 5 and 6 Compulsory

Ages: 7-12 years
Prior Team Level: Boys USAG Level 4
Next Team Level: Boys USAG Levels 7-10 Optional Competition

  • Compete compulsory routines only
  • Competitive season is from October to April
  • Competes in ten meets to learn to manage the stress of competition
  • Determine speed to learn new skills
  • Determine potential for higher-level optional competition
  • Provide travel opportunities within Region 7. (Region 7 includes: DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, VA, WV)
  • Introduce optional skills
  • Qualify into state and regional competition in the USA Gymnastics (USAG) program
  • Compete in Invitational, Designated Qualifier (DQ), State and Regional meets.

Boys USAG Levels 7-10 Optional


Ages: 10-18 years
Prior Team Level: Boys USAG Level 5 and 6 Compulsory Competition
Next Team Level: None

  • Compete only optional routines with varying degrees of difficulty
  • Learn optional skills base on gymnast’s physical and emotional characteristics
  • Progress towards a higher optional levels
  • Qualify into state, regional, and national competitions within the USA Gymnastics (USAG) program
  • Provide opportunities for national travel during the year
  • Level 7 competes Invitational, Designated Qualifier (DQ), State and Regional meets
  • Level 8 (Age group 12-13 and Age Group 14+) competes Invitational, Designated Qualifier (DQ), State, and Regional meets
  • Level 9 (Age group 14-15 and Age Group 16+ is this correct?) competes Invitational, Designated Qualifier, State, and Regional meets. Only Age Group 14-15 can qualify for Nationals in Level 9
  • Level 10 (Age Group 16+)competes at all levels, including Invitational, Designated Qualifier, State, Regional, and National meets