Top Flight Gymnastics offers classes for students 18 months of age through high school. The Top Flight Gymnastics Team Program enables each gymnast to excel and aspire to his or her greatest individual degree in the sport of gymnastics.

Through competitive gymnastics, each team member develops physical, mental and emotional control, as well as strength, flexibility, coordination and endurance. Other benefits of competitive training include: self-satisfaction, kinesthetic awareness, a healthy body, an undaunted belief in one’s self and a disciplined approach to life.

Competition is an essential part of the gymnast’s experience in the program. Each gymnast will be involved in competition in accordance with his or her ability and age. Each gymnast will have the opportunity to advance in a step-by-step progression to higher competitive levels. Top Flight Gymnastics believes that the discipline, skills, accomplishments and friendships developed through competitive training will carry over in the student’s future life endeavors.

Goals of the Team Program

  • Top Flight Gymnastics will set realistic goals that are both achievable and challenging for each student, fostering their individual growth and development.
  • Provide opportunities for national travel through competitive experiences.
  • Offer opportunities for a gymnast to achieve a level of proficiency that would allow him or her to receive a college scholarship.
  • Help develop a rapport among the public community, which will nurture the growth of Top Flight Gymnastics Center.